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Mike Bonnette serves as Senior Project Manager and Engineer in charge of Major Public Works projects including roadway and transportation projects, flood control and drainage projects and water resource projects that include major reservoirs, water control structures and river improvement projects. Thomas M. "Mike" Bonnette, P.E.
• Engineer Supervisor
• Secretary
• Treasurer


B.S. - LA Tech University, 1976
Civil Tech

B.S. - LA Tech University, 1977
Civil Engineering

Active Registration:

1981 Louisiana
Civil Engineer

Mr. Bonnette has been actively engaged in the field of civil engineering for over 39 years. Prior to joining Denmon Engineering Company, Inc. (DE), he served as Project Engineer with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, Project Engineer with GRW Consulting Engineers, Inc. and as a Regional Watershed Engineer for the United States Department of Agriculture, Soil Conservation Service (SCS).

While working with DE, Mr. Bonnette has served as a Project Engineer and is presently Project Manager in charge of all roadway design, drainage design, flood control and general civil projects on the local, state and federal level. Mr. Bonnette's primary field of expertise includes drainage, transportation, and land development.

Mr. Bonnette has a well-rounded background in road and bridge design construction. He has worked as a Project Engineer for the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development between 1977-1981. While in private practice he has worked as Project Engineer/Manager on many state projects. His roadway experience includes horizontal and vertical alignment, hydraulics of roadways and storm sewer analysis, hydraulic reports, drainage design, pavement design, geometric design, and earthwork and bridge design. Transportation experience includes the management and design of projects consisting of route selection, pavement design, hydrology and hydraulic analysis on rural and urban system roadways, right-of-ways and property maps, cost estimation, project management and project construction.

Mr. Bonnette works daily as a roadway engineer in responsible charge of roadway and bridge projects. He is experienced in use of hydrology and hydraulic programs to model drainage data. He has specific experience in all aspects of roadway and bridgework and this includes being Project Manager in charge of a number of Denmon projects.

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