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With offices located in Monroe, Louisiana and Shreveport/Bossier Ciy, Louisiana Denmon Engineering (DE) provides quality civil engineering and land surveying services provided by experienced registered professional engineers and surveyors.

Denmon Engineering maintains a diverse staff of registered civil engineers and land surveyors who specialize in the fieldsDenmon Engineering Corporate Office of Transportation Engineering, such as highways, bridges, airports, rail and ports; Municipal and Utilities, Surveys and Mapping, Structural and Foundations, Water Resources including Surface Impoundments such as dams, reservoirs and hydraulic structures, Potable Water, Wastewater, Stormwater, Flood Control and Prevention, Permits and Regulatory Compliance, Planning, Feasibility and Financial Studies, Commercial Site Development and Residential Development.

First organized in 1973, Denmon Engineering has experienced a steady, healthy growth since that time. Today DE is a well-organized firm of the highly qualified professional engineering and surveying personnel and state-of-the-art support facilities necessary to provide services to a broad array of clients for most planning and construction type projects. Decidedly skilled in a number of areas, DE has handled nearly 1000 engineering and surveying projects over the years.

Denmon has developed a highly experienced and capable staff of technical personnel, including registered civil engineers and land surveyors and support facilities such as design computers and computer-aided drafting capabilities, which has given us total in-house capability to complete all engineering and surveying projects in a timely, efficient manner while maintaining an unsurpassed quality level.

Louisiana Professional Engineering and Land Surveying Board
Firm Registration Number: (engineering) C 235, (surveying) V 40

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